MM Child~ Here comes the tea, my friends

It’s in this article.

Some people in the DM comment section say Meghan has a daughter called Hannah.


I would love to have that comment! Meghan has a uber fan named Hannah!  Coincidence? She may have been in the crowd that hugged Meghan on one of the engagements.  It might be jelly belly day, let me get that.  She isn’t in this one, but its always fun to watch.

Found it!

It’s in Mio tweet, but you can’t see the girl that well and this is NZ which anything is possible in this shit show.

This may be for charity, but this is a free PR opportunity for the celebs.  They are going to act; accordingly, they have a misconception of the Monarchy, it’s not Hollywood which our little snowflake can’t quite figure out why people are scrutinizing her. How dare they!  Everyone should drink the kool-aid and STFU!  That’s not how it works sister. People have the right to scrutinize their representatives.

Thank you very much,  Max P! 🌸😎 You guys are on fire today!


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