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So even though Shout is a joint project of the DoC and the stage-managed Slutsex crew Megsy only authorized a pic of Her and the puppet. As if those two really do work of substance. And then because Megsy had too much pink water, the pic had to be edited 3 times and changed. See 8-year-olds are managing that account. They are proving what we have been saying. They can’t even manage an IG account, but there is a child they are raising. Dear Lord help this poor tyke.

So W and K have not yet seen the baby well who can blame them for keeping their distance. Momma Megsy spread a rumor with the help of her buddy Lainey that hurt W K and their children.

Everything with this couple is suspicious, so of course, people come up with wild conspiracy theories. Harry and Meghan fan those suspicions with their juvenile behavior.

It remains that there is something so off here with this whole saga. The stink of deception is all about.

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I agree the truth shall set you free are words to live by. This is the reason for all the speculation. Taxpayers have the right to know as their privileged lives are allowed by the people. Something the Sussex’s having quite got that in their head. They can’t pick and choose when they want the press or not.

Media Meg courted the press and for that matter so did Harry, the duo flung hurtful rants at the older citizens, and that also meant the press that tailgate them on their charity endeavors.

That poor baby is correct! I’m having deja vu, sort of PTSD, that Harry suffered unbearable abuse by the war of the Wales. Regardless of the insensitive remarks, this is a breathing baby, a gift from God regardless of its delivery into this world.

Even me, Meghan”s branded troll is asking for people to stop calling the baby fake and the mother is going to prison.ย  The sugars have to stop ranting at William because it’s not his fault that the Sussex’s chose not to have the baby titled.ย  We must accept the things we can not change.

Thank you anon, I enjoyed our chat! ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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