Stage Managed

well, of course, Meghan is stage managed to the max. She is terrible at doing the job. She can’t be spontaneous, she looks fake when she interacts with people it is clear she does not like doing the job. She has a potty mouth and it slips out in public “fuck” as she exited the church after the wedding, assholes when the booing started at the Sentebale fundraiser. She blows the photo ops and frankly is incapable of doing because she is a fraud. Now you see why her acting career never went anywhere.

Poor Harry thought she’d be great at the job and she turns out to be terrible at it and unwilling to learn. When she isn’t a mess, smug looking she is bored and arrogant. So all they have left is manufactured fake stage managed and usually pre-recorded so they can edit events. And she frankly doesn’t exactly shine there either.

AHPF said it well – those pics of Harry riding the bike at the IG launch were great. The sort of thing that looks authentic and fun and cute and goes viral. Imagine Meghan doing that? Never. So stage-managed. Which makes how fake inauthentic and manipulative they two of them together are even more obvious.


Yep! I agree with this! You can smell the fake a mile away.  Harry did look great it was a reminder to all of us, that guy still exists.

You are killing it man!


Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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  1. Sorry but I thought the bike riding, let’s have a candid moment talking about grief in front of all these cameras just like we pre-planned it, was terrible. It made me think of Sara Latham. He is too old for such nonsense especially since he is now the father of Silicone Sussex.
    I was convinced the purpose of the bike basket was for a place for PH to carry his testicles cuz he sure has not been using them.

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