Anon submits: It they do show their baby’s birth certificate beware

If they do show their baby’s birth certificate beware it may be rigged. Just like everything about them.


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Does that mean they are not trustworthy and are indeed actors themselves that don’t deserve the privileges the English people allow?  I mean I love the monarchy, and they are the part of the mystique that makes the United Kindom so magical. The changing of the guards and the brightly colored uniforms representing the BRF is a scam?

HM was pictured with Harry and Meghan admiring the baby, how can this women not realize this is a fake baby? Some are claiming its photoshopped.  Wouldn’t the Queen deny that if that were the case?  What’s really true?  I intend to bring all the chatter that’s happening now so we can together come to a reasonable conclusion.

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