How did we miss this one? Congratulation you are all trolls👏🏼@Peter Sheridan

Let me show who wrote this.  I’m going to be doing an info dump this week, and Peter Sheridan pay attention


Cruel Meghan Markle trolls blast Royal Family as ‘stupid’ and ‘arrogant’ after they threaten to report abusive comments to cops

Internet users – many from America – claimed the Royal Family had no right to threaten them for voicing their “disgust” at royals such as Meghan Markle

You can take this a few ways, get angry about it or look at as something the press isn’t allowed to say.  I do play devil’s advocate and will continue to do so.  People do need to think and feel with their heart before posting.
This is an incredible situation built to evoke emotion and its worked beautifully with the help of the most potent PR money can buy.  They have gaslighted the hell out us again to evoke an emotional response.
By the way, @Peter Sheridan, Googie, and Barb are from Aus, and there are many from all over the world. There are other authors besides me posting which you got later after you submitted damning information and intentionally removing the source, that one I’m still mad about. If you wanted to work with me instead of against me, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I would need to negotiate some guidelines.
I need a new cell. I can’t hear a bloody thing, I can’t afford now, renovation is a bitch.


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  1. My opinion hasn’t changed one iota either! On the bright side … Patches is famous now 😄☮️

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