Holy Macaroni! Anyone for 3,600 spa retreat? Thanks Media Meg and Hollywood Harry

They are paying close attention to us, and it’s sickening to see such unroyal thing to do. The Hollywood Harry and Meghan ‘media meg’ Sussex’s unfollowed family for this bull hockey?

Forgive me; they want to sue people for what? Who is trolling who now?  It’s an udder disgrace; they should both be ashamed of themselves.  Move to LA; we already know you’re looking for houses in the 10 million dollar range. Who going to pay for that? People who can afford to go on retreats like this?

The two of you are unfit to serve the people!  It’s rubbish to advertise like this blatantly. I’m sorry, but I’m mad as hell, they aren’t even trying to hide this, only their baby! By the way, does Archie move? Newborn babies legs don’t hang like that, and they’re still curled up dodo birds.

Mrs. Toomey cites one unlikely reason for the runaway success of her business: the election of Donald Trump.

In 2017, she claimed that her liberal-leaning clients used The Class to vent their frustration over his presidency. ‘One of the reasons why it has become what it is, is because of the timing,’ she said. ‘Right after the election, people were coming in there, and they were screaming and crying.’ She says on her website that: ‘The Class invites students to witness their resistance to discomfort… you will learn tools to empower your life.’

Just Wow, What an article, maybe I’m not so mad at Charlotte anymore, you guys have got to read this entire article!

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The article was written by Charlotte Wace and Ian Gallagher


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