More lies

so Mio Scobie Meghan and Harry’s mouthpiece is on GMA saying that tomorrow Will and Kate will visit the baby. Except Kate has engagements all day and so does Will. Harry even has an engagement. So uh how is this baby visit going to occur? More lies?

And so much for Harry’s paternity leave, he is working at least for him a lot. Guess dimwit knows he is not exactly a hero right now so he has to do all these engagements especially the kid’s hospital visit to try and charm his slimy self back into the public’s good graces. He is going to Rome soon to do a polo event also.


Facetime, Skype, LOL.  I think Kate and William want to stay far away from the funny farm! Can’t today, cramps are bad.

That’s the new PR plan work him to death, as Wink said with the right PR, blah, blah, sorry wink I know you meant well but this is so far from what was being said and the reality of insanity on behalf of both parties, it’s a match made in PR hell.

Polo season! HA HA, okay this should get exciting🤐 , Harry’s numbers have taken a nose dive and will continue to fall. There needs to be an adult in the room to stop these out of control people from damaging our beloved Monarchy.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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