Don’t like Meghan Markle, but hate all theories about her now.

I feel I am going crazy reading on twitter about all the things people are trying to take Meghan lying about. There are several tarot readers on Youtube following up on the trend and are reading on things from Archie being a doll, Noelle being Meghan’s daughter (was Meghan pregnant at 14/15), that BRF is in on this game Meghan is playing with the public and so on and so on. Serious people? Let’s not make up things just to satisfy a need for her to be worst then she already is.

I dislike Meghan as much as anyone else due to her behavior, but to searching picture and internet trying to find things to take her down on is childish in my eyes. Likewise all the questions about when she is going to prison. I think we need to accept that she got a son (either through surrogacy or by her self) and try to send light to Archie. Someday Archie will be able to read all that is on the internet, and that will probably hurt him

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Thank you for this, I do agree with you, I posted a couple of Tarot readers, and you’re right! They even tell you before they read the cards. I posted the baby legs and that was done on purpose, and it worked.Β  My bff Jeanne sent me a text, what the heck are you doing?

If I put it this way that the Royal family put the Baby Archie family picture on their website that must be true, right?Β  If you don’t believe that means you’re calling the Queen a liar?Β  A Woman that gave her life to Great Britain is all of sudden going to lose it in the end.

However, the baby got here we have to accept and move on. I don’t care for MM, she isn’t my cup of tea no matter what the larpers say, I’m not a sugar.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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