Thanks, seethroughenergy

seethroughenergy is right. A personal attack is not acceptable. Attacking JD or any other blogger won’t help us to seek the truth. None of us can do anything to change things. About the baby doll speculation … I am not surprised by anything anymore. There have been so many lies we all witnessed recently. Pretty much everything is a lie about MM and Harry. I don’t care about Harry. He brought her into his family, he should take responsibility for his behaviour. I am asking myself if HM and PP would have been okay to be pictured with MM, Harry, and Doria in the same frame knowing for a fact that Archie was a doll? It’s a tough question. The BRF has had pretty bad scandals over the years. They did cover them up. Is it anything different now? Who knows?



Thank you anon,Β  I’m sure STE will appreciate this.Β  Harry should take responsibility and his family shouldn’t say yes all the time. We were raised common, with structure and boundaries. Royals don’t have to from where I’m sitting.Β  Β They stick together so they should all shoulder the blame together. 🌸😎


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