Abortion ban in Alabama making it a criminal offense for doctors to perform the procedure

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Click on the tea rooms above and give your honest opinion in your heart. Would you get an abortion when there is birth control, condoms, foams, morning-after pills?  How do you feel about the latest ban on abortion in the southern states?  New York has made the most liberal abortion law that states you get one in your 8th month when the baby can live outside the womb!  I’m not sorry that’s murder!  More black women get abortions, isn’t that black genocide?  We are provoking thought.  Is the government reaching too far? Did you know that Roe v Wade the woman fought the rest of her life to change it back?

I have taken my friends who wanted to have an abortion because of the pressure of the boyfriends, and they regret this decision to this day, the guilt that they feel for killing a human goes against their teaching of holy scriptures. Thou shall not kill.

You think with your head and speak with your heart (soul) Are you killing one of God’s souls?

Here is Hillary Clinton’s take

Here is Charlie Kirk takes


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2 Comments on “Abortion ban in Alabama making it a criminal offense for doctors to perform the procedure”

  1. I say this as a survivor of a rape, who became pregnant as a result. I was 19. That was in 1981. My friends advised me to get an abortion, and I thought I would. I was raised Catholic but I remember taking the pro-abortion position in debate class after Roe v. Wade as a freshman in high school. One night, it occurred to me that the baby was as much a victim of the rape as I was. I could not abort that human life. I thought about it some more and decided I would carry it to term and place the child up for adoption, which I did. I don’t regret my decision. I’ve read the comment about there being abortions before it was legal, yes but there were relatively few abortions at the time. Yes they were dangerous. But go rent the dvd Gosnell and see how a legal abortion clinic in this day and age is as dangerous. Did you know Gosnell’s clinic was owned by Eric Holder’s wife? Black women are not more prone to dying during child birth, but poor women who do not get pre-natal care are. That isn’t a rationale for abortion. Google Lila Rose, and learn how Planned Parenthood has been caught illegally giving abortions to little girls and refusing to follow laws requiring them to report statutory rapes. Lastly, consider your children, or any child or young person you know. Consider what it would be like if they had never been born. The child I bore and put up for adoption is now a man 37 years old. I know he was adopted by a loving family who could not have children. He was loved, I know that. I don’t know where he is or what he is doing. But Im sure that there are loved ones and friends who couldn’t imagine the world without him in it. I read a long time ago that you can judge a society by how they treat the least among us. I think it’s a sorry place indeed where you have people enraged that a state outlawed a practice that butchers living feeling babies, claiming it’s a birth control option. I’m not judging anyone, or criticizing merely stating how I feel.

  2. Post birth abortion is not a thing. If the baby is born, then it has been born. People should also be aware that in some areas there are attempts to also outaw the morning after pill because they also classify it as a type of abortion.

    When abortion was illegal there were still abortions. So I am not sure the point except trying to force women to have children they do not want to have. Also spare me the faux concern about black women, abortions and genocide. Black women are not a monolith and have abortions for the variety of reason others do including health reasons. There is also a statistic that indicates black women have a higher instance of death in childbirth.

    Additionally, birth control is not free and the places where women can/could get it for free are under defunding attack. There is certainly no excuse for preventing women who have been raped or victims of incest from not carrying children they do not want. It is reprehensible and if there was actually concern for women it would be left between a woman and her doctor. I mean where are the companion laws and bills making sure women get good pre natal care whether or not they can afford it, food baby supplies, etc…

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