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Was the blogger intimidated into going private? Campaign of intimidation in general against any bad PR? I also wonder about platforms that cave to closing accounts ….. their accountability re free speech. Class action on the horizon about that possible, especially in the USA where free speech is protected. Not slander or liable if posters open with “in my opinion.” No horse in this race. But seems like RF and/or MM censorship encroaching on USA values re free speech. We did win the war on independence. And it is in our constitution. Curious what ACLU opinion would be?


There is a campaign to imitate bloggers, an  American press outlet, I forget which one spoke to the Meyhive, and they admitted to this very thing, but they put in a sugary way.  They left out they were attacking reporters and calling them racist and let me tell you that really hurts to call someone a racist even though the content is critical of actions and not about the color of their skin.  The didn’t admit to threatening Rebecca English with acid to her face.

I do wonder what their opinions are? My site is IMO and so are the anons.

Bloggers get tired of being potentially Doxed; these people threatened to call their place of employment to get them fired. They attack their personal Facebook pages. They give the information to reporters. They know where I live, they threatened to have my SSI stopped, I will protect myself, and all of my neighbors are packing, and I told them all about it.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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  1. Everyone: the HM blog is BACK!!!!! Accidentally clicked my bookmark… and there it is! phuhhh :))

  2. I joined wordpress to follow harrymarkle. Wonderful observations and insights!

  3. I loved this blog – so well researched and carefully done. I am re all disappointed that the writer has been threatened or intimidated in any way.

  4. Yup – I was taken aback when i saw it had gone private. No response to my request either. Truly hope he/she was not doxxed or intimidated. Excellent take on the “Markle Debakle” without being petty. Very well written.

    1. I got a don’t post and the blogger is on vacation. It’s tough sitting and waiting for anons when there is a great big world out there to enjoy. they will be back on

  5. Sent a request for HM just now. First time ever for me. But of course, no reply yet. In the meantime Nutty Flavor on tumblr is an alternative. Not many postings. But really well written, balanced and the comment section truly polite, reasonable – no bashing and so. Also great that NF gives direct feedback to comments…

  6. It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one who’s asked for an invite to the HM blog with no response. It was always such a great read. I hope he/she is just laying low for a while.

  7. The posts were well written and seemed to be well informed – perhaps that is what has alerted the thought police – a great shame that an excellent blog has been intimidated out of existence.

  8. I also sent a request to the blog. I recommend anybody being harrased call Larry flynts lawyer Allan Isacman of Beverly Hills , California
    He has the best team of lawyers when it comes to the rights of freedom of speech. Don’t be intimidated. Her blog is well written and she is very knowledgeable. # stop the intimidation.

      1. @ bannana if you want to see a good movie about the freedom of speech watch The people versus Larry Flynt he went all the way to the supreme Court . P. S. graphic language and nudity. Not a porno a true story.

  9. I did exact same thing, HM blog is under unconstitutional attack, this needs to be investigated by the US press!

  10. I just signed up to WordPress to follow and asked for an invite. I’m not a mole, just want to hear about all the excellent shade HRH The Queen is throwing and watch a social climber/user get her due!

  11. Censorship in USA by UK powers that be? Incredible. Irrational and abusive threats weeding out is completely understandable. But opinions that simply counter PR spin? Not OK. (Noteworthy: Anyone behind the incendiary incitement (“competition” of Meghan vs Kate) of threats, implied or real are a serious security concern that law enforcement should take seriously.). That said: powerful people should not use that as an excuse to be aggressors or threaten simple opinions. Nobody is above the law. And USA is not beholden to royals. Americans not in service to the Queen. No disrespect. Simply put.

  12. I also asked to follow but no reply. I infer intimidation as anyone who asks to follow could be a “mole.” Hence my post about freedom of speech under attack through unconstitutional and criminal means.

  13. I’ve been reading the HM blog for a while now and found it to be both well written and more importantly truthful. IMO she/he ‘speaks’ as if they are or were an insider and still have connections. I look for the truth. I too requested permission to follow the blog but still haven’t heard anything as yet.

    1. How do you ask for permission to follow the blog? Sorry, I’m not great with technology but I really enjoyed the HM essays and I would love to keep following. Thank you

      1. Go to the the harry Markle blog just put in the name hit the search button . Looks like a magnifying glass at the top of page. It will take you to the sight . Where you will see send request . Just click on it.

      2. I can’t seem to find it, when I enter Harry markle in search box, the blog isn’t an option to click on

  14. I asked to follow too because I have followed it for a long time, no response

  15. I am trying to find this blog again – can anyone direct me to it? Thankyou

    1. me too. I sent the invite request since iet’s gone private but no reply. One of the few “true” WELL WRITTEN blogs out there but I can fully appreciate why it’s gone private.

  16. I loved Harry Markle b\log – well written with accurate information. I tried to get permission to follow but nothing so far. My guess is he/she threatened so had to go private. A shame, a very very good read.

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