no posts about Megan Markle and Harry for 16th and 17th May. Is there a block now on articles that are not pro them? Just wondering!

Why is no one talking on this platform about Megan and Harry , since 15th May. Just wondering!

Not that i know of, JD is not doing too good medically, and i have been busy with my family and life. It gets very hard to type for her sometimes. I could care less about those two. But i will try to pop in and talk to you guys when i can. I do know she wants to gradually move the subject of those two away, because it’s too much of a hassle and there is too much bullshit surrounding them. too much toxic energy. Bad vibes, and toxic energy. But we also know you guys want to vent and what not so we will definitely try and be here.

Thank You Love, Vintageđź’–