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I have scars from the doctors here like you. I developed an allergy that wouldn’t show up in lab work. My body was so badly damaged internally from chronic inflammation. Being naturally anemic and HIGH-risk cancer, that isn’t a good thing at all. Because of the inflammation, I developed leaky gut, which severely affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Inflammation dramatically increases your chances of cancer, and my cell counts were alarming. If I got a wound bad enough, I would have bled out no problem back then. Thankfully, I managed to reverse the leaky gut just in time. At that time, I started showing signs of cardiac trouble. I was in my late 20s and inching into heart failure territory because an effing doctor didn’t want to say it was an allergy causing the grief. They wanted me on meds I didn’t need and made me worse instead of better. I was literally dying a slow death and would have died had I kept listening to the “good doctor.”

There are, sadly, people that want to use those days as a weapon against me (they can rot). If they were truly content with themselves, they would worry about their own business and stay out of mine. Most of them claim to be feminists, but really all they are are opinionated assholes that have no clue what oppression really is. I’ve been called racial slurs for not bending the rules (if they apply to one, they apply to all), my IQ and character insulted because of where I’m from, discrimination in my own race for having Native American blood in my veins, IQ insulted for being a woman, attacked for being a strong woman on her own, etc. The feminist movement lost my support ages ago because they too, are guilty of insulting me. More so than the small minded buffoons I have to deal with in my home state. If I have the right to choose what I want for myself, WHY does what I choose for MYSELF bother you so much? That is a question I would love for them to answer. My decisions affect only me and them thinking I need their assistance in that decision making is insulting to me. Dollars to donuts I have more to my name now than they will the time they are 40. Many work in a field that isn’t related to mine, but are worried about my progression. It’s laughable. If climbing the corporate ladder, you don’t to go to an elementary school teacher or RN for advice on those matters. Nothing against those professions, but they have their own lane. I stay in mine, why can’t they stay in their own? Same with medical advice. If I have a concern with my uterus, I’ll consult my OB. A blood-related concern? I’ll go to my hematologist, etc. Between the feminists and the AL govt, I’m tempted to sell everything and become a hermit in the frickin’ woods.

Personally, I hate politics because it always puts me in a foul mood but still pays attention to what goes on. They should be afraid of the quiet ones. We observe, listen, and think. It’s the thinking that scares people on either side of the fence and they should be. They pissed off all the wrong people. Now they are desperately trying to appeal to voters. Pass this into law because it reflects their personal beliefs and brings medical marijuana and lottery to the table to try to win back support. We’ll take it, but that doesn’t mean we support them. This is the second time this year they have passed something that SHOULD have involved the vote of the people. Those assholes passed these in record timing whereas the medical marijuana and lottery have been openly rejected for years. I’m not a fan of marijuana because I don’t like to smoke (Quit. Nicotine cravings are a bitch), but have a few veteran friends that benefit from it. The closest I will have to get to that stuff is CBD oil. Stuff is AMAZING!


Thank you anon for sending this in! I’ve been thinking about your asks since I went down like a dog hit by a car. I agree with you, and the voices are so loud and out of touch with what feminism is all about.  We should stop men hating, and I don’t like what this movement has become. It’s so hateful, every group is screaming now, and I understand about becoming a hermit.  I too am part native American, that conversation is more comfortable in the north but the south, not so much.  We need peace, harmony, and understanding. We need a world pow wow, and we need it now.

I do feel your pain cause it really took me down about five days ago, I do have punch flavor CBD oil, kratom, valerian root complex, all the prescribed goodies, no opioids even though I qualify. Toking occasionally, it makes me wobbly.

God bless you and know in your heart that God loves you. 🌸😎


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  1. Hi JD! Feeling the pain in NJ! They finally just added my disease to the eligibility list for medical marijuana here in NJ. But the added stress of jumping through all the hoops to get it will only cause me more pain, so it’s CBD, Epsom salt baths to relax my muscles, a heated blanket and my beloved dog. I don’t take opioids either. Everyone who abuses opioids or Xanax etc. to get high just makes it harder for those of us who truly need relief from chronic pain. My mutt has a dog license, I’m just waiting until the government passes a law forcing me to have a prescription and a back ground check in order to have him due to my illness. I think I’ll pass, but he’s a rescue from Texas, Bush country, and if Trump doesn’t get re-elected then…. Feel better everyone!

    1. Chelle!!! I love you, and I know the stigma behind it, you feel like a criminal. I make up kratom capsule which it has all the pain relief minus two markers that are the terrible side effects of opioids, valerian root complex which is a natural form of valium, helps with sleep, anxiety, PMS, cramps, made by Basic vitamins. Contains Valerian, skullcap, chamomile hops, passion flower. I’m going to go to a place to get my mary jane license, and it takes six months, I did try vaping it, and I liked it much better, it stopped the spasms with one puff, it was called girl scout cookie.

    2. Chelle, I know this regimen and what a chore it is to be sick with pain. Unless you go through it you never know the struggle to try your damnedest to stay away from Opioids. I just adopted a dog and he is going to be my therapy dog. Good luck to you

  2. Sending Blessings to both of you lovely ladies … JD, I hope you are feeling a little better. Please take all the time you need to recover properly …
    You are right JD – the whole world is in need of a pow wow … I think we would be surprised at how much commonality we really have 😊🙏🌎☮️

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