Anonymous said: Hi JD ok, so what’s happening??

Hi JD ok, so what’s happening?? People are really insulting Meghan. They call her MeAgain or MeGain. What’s happening? What did she do now??
Hey Anon! Thanks for waiting so long! It’s a feeding frenzy. I had to delete one ask it was so insulting, and I had to draw the line.  We started MeAgain on tumblr because of her PR schedule of appearances during the courtship; here she is MeAgain!  It seems to have caught on with courtiers as a joke because Meghan has an amazingly huge ego!  Confirmed that she treats the staff like dog 💩, a real humanitarian she is.
I pray that she goes away and they take away her iPhone and chill the heck out. It’s beyond saturation its a bloody flood!  PR failure for Media Meg Again!
Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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