Hope you are feeling well. I have an opinion LOL. All this stuff now BC’s, debate on the weirdness of everything, the perpetual but utterly trivial stories being released several times in 24 hours it is a distraction non of it is relevant. Something is going on and we can’t see it for all the smoke being blown around. LOL.

You know the so called MM PH affair was 99% fake. the engagement was a performance, even the wedding was pretty dubious and a performance. So that certainly predicts the marriage is also a performance. The pregnancy was fake and a very poor performance . It is ya know be calm – don’t get taken in by the smokescreens the distractions and the performances. Yeah it is one tacky show for sure though.

The Gayle King show was hysterical. Like not a word was real true or even believable. I mean Meghan Markle as representative of black infiltration of white power structures? King must be taking some interesting meds. LOL. A woman who wears spray tan to look more black as a representative of progress. LMAO. And Megsy has clearly ghosted a ton of people including JM. Or did JM ghost her? So now Megsy’s best friend are a makeup artist and one of his clients a 90’s star who runs a company accused of fraud Jessica Alba. This is not an upward move Markle. I absolutely cannot believe this boring grifter is getting multiple network TV shows from King. To me some sort of very interesting deal has been made to get these shows for a woman who is NOT popular in the US and deeply disliked in the UK (which was made clear in the show). Friday night on US TV really is the graveyard. LOL
I say this thing is wrapping up bet pretty soon. I no longer buy that Harry is actually with her, I am not even sure about some baby. LOL I would not be remotely surprised if this whole experience has made Harry go out and look for a “proper” wife and not at the cesspool aka SFH. But I’d kind of ignore all the distractions. We probably will see what they mean when this thing reaches its culmination.


Thank you anon for your patience, something has to happen soon, tick tock MM said she wants to go back to work after 3 months, whatever that means.🌸😎


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