Thank you for hanging in there, I’ve got some personal issues that I’m going through. Just got off the phone with my BFF Jeanne and she is inspiring me for our future.

Thank you for the good wishes. I’ve haven’t been feeling well.

Vintage has kept me up to date with the goings on it’s just more drama to keep you hooked on the royal shit show.  MM released the birth certificate with no baby daddy signature to make everyone go crazy; it’s always waiting to see. Aren’t you sick of this?

archie harrison mountbatten windsor birth certificate portland hospital

The press is revealing that MM is a spendthrift, social climbing ghoster and appears the pressure is on. Will Sara Latham be able to pull MM in to become a royal? Methinks not, after they say she will not give up her independence and fall in line.  That should thoroughly enrage the UK masses.