Thoughts Anon! Why is Harry always out with the Family?

Thoughts Why is Harry always out w the family now? He is a Markle, and he brings shame to them, and he and Gayle can hang now.  He’s no longer Royal to me.  I don’t associate him with royalty just Gayle and the makeup artist.
The queen wasn’t smiling at his wedding like she was today I think he’s trying to get back in good graces w his family but after that special last night why are they nice to him Where was doc today 🙁
God only knows what is going on in their minds, this is a failure, and they need to come to grips with the 💩show is a failure. The more they parade Harry around and the more so-called privacy with blatant PR for her Royal pain in the ass, the more people are going to turn against Harry and Meghan.
Strangely its making the Cambridge’s look good!  Which I like.
Thank you anon, 🌸😎