What? Blackmailing? Comey/Trump😱

“Former FBI general counsel James Baker said this week that he and other officials were “quite worried” that former FBI Director James Comey appeared to be blackmailing then President-elect Trump during a 2017 meeting regarding salacious allegations found in the Steele dossier.” Did you read this article, JD? I cannot believe it … I am shocked … speechless …

OMG, a hell of a lot of money in this campaign to slur the President of the US.  Steele dossier is a British spy ring called the ii, the Integrity Initiative, a one-off MI6 operation that continued into the Presidency of Donald Trump.

When I talk to neighbors about this, it reminds them of the end days where the king of the south defeats the king of the north.  If you look at this geographically, Britain is north, and DC is the south.  I know, I’m getting bible but this incredible paid globalism, NWO stuff is in line so who are the monsters pushing this agenda?  Billionaires with offshore money to get the people to think a certain way, to dumb down the next generation.  They are causing holy wars if you don’t believe me watch the tremendous European experiment that George Soros funded groups to flood Europe via Africa!  It was only for Syria, not the continent of Africa.

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