bloggers have lives too

Please,  note this, your favorite bloggers do have lives, they go on vacation or like me don’t hang around all day on the computer waiting for the next anon.

There is more to life than the Harry and Meghan Shit Show, it took me a while, but there are people out there having fun.

The summer is upon us, and I have to finish renovating, I’m more of a supervisor than anything.  I just got the call that my miniature apple head chihuahua  Gizmo will become my little baby this weekend.

On behalf of the bloggers, we thank you, and we will be back, nobody has shut anyone down.  If you subscribed to the blogs, you would be notified. That’s why I suggest going to the forum for self posting, and you can continue the conversations, bring links, videos, pictures. You will be notified when someone responds to the thread. Use it, and it’s free!

Thanks, JD 🌸😎


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