Social Media~ The new propaganda machine for groups with a narrative

Proceed with caution, and this may even get me to shut down. I want to tell you that  I love my American Jewish friends I grew up with, and I love my Israeli friends, and they are joyous and grateful.

What I don’t like is groups unnaturally infiltrating any part of society.  Seethroughenergy on tumblr has brought to our attention the LARPERs, live-action role players.  I think we can clearly say that other groups have taken a page out of the Isreali Government propaganda machine.  We are being driven/herded towards a disaster as humans.  Are freedoms of speech are being trampled upon.

I agree that Isreal has a right to defend herself, but they don’t have the right to bomb innocent women and children. Why blow up a hospital?

The most horrific mass murder was committed against the Jews by the Nazi, and it’s not okay for anyone on this planet to try to do the same. Please, I beg you to form your own opinion when watching this video.  I’m PRO Human.

I encourage discussion on this topic.

sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an Internet community who spoke to, or about, themselves while pretending to be another person.[1]

The term now includes other misleading uses of online identities, such as those created to praise, defend or support a person or organization,[2] to manipulate public opinion,[3] or to circumvent a suspension or ban from a website. A significant difference between the use of a pseudonym[4] and the creation of a sockpuppet is that the sockpuppet poses as an independent third-party unaffiliated with the main account operator. Sockpuppets are unwelcome in many online communities and forums which may be prohibited.


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      1. Thank you! I want to make a statement, I’ve already told you I’ve grown up with Jews and I know Isreali’s I’ve dated them. They always told me that Jews and Palestinians work with and are friends in Isreali. Not all Palestinians want to kill Jews.

      2. @csdnyc . Mondoweiss is run by progressive liberal Jews. Here you seem to be making a statement that anyone who doesn’t agree with the formulaic “explanation ” you offer is a white supremacist which is both illogical and fallacious .
        There is more than one side to any situation , although in the world of the” explanation practitioner ” apparently not .

  1. Sorry to take so long replying csdnyc . I did reply earlier but I somehow lost that comment . I have just seen your last response . Firstly let me say I’m not misinformed or misguided . I don’t use the I have Jewish friends old chestnut simply because I am Jewish . Sephardic so let’s put that one to bed .

    I try and look at things as objectively as possible , in this very emotive subject a clear and objective view is safer and often at the very least a more polite attitude to take .

    I am sure the Israelis had a very good reason to bomb el-Wafa Hospital . They could have cooperated with the UN to put their case forward and defend their actions : but they didn’t and refused any investigation . Their actions were condemned internationally , not just by so called left wing MSN outlets . This action and the apparant lack of transparency on their part allowed both political and moral condemnation by the global community .
    This Isn’t the first time the Israeli government have taken a course of action that has been roundly condemned. As far of the Guardian report is concerned that particular article was reasonably unbiased . Unfortunately I was unable to post other links as my tablet is being awkward and I couldn’t type them all out by hand . I am aware of the BBC I’m a Brit , I have to pay for that crap .

    I’m looking at it from a more objective rather than emotional view point . Trying to look for the truth as I am sure you are . . That’s all . Thanks for your replies .

    1. Again, my response disappeared. So I’ll summarize. Facts are not emotional. Constantly condemning Israel without all the facts IS. If your children were having deadly rockets launched at them from a hospital, you’d expect your military to make it stop. Fact. Israel warned Pali authorities several times, something no other military would do. Fact. Hamas saw an opportunity to martyr civilians, as if always does, and did so at that hospital. Fact. You are spreading slanted, hateful theories when antisemitic violence is up over 300%. Fact. My local synagogue was vandalized last night. Fact. Jewish youths are being attacked in the streets. Fact. And wow, you must think POTUS is an idiot to support thugs and murderers… Maybe take yourself there and see for yourself before you spread Koren incitement? The above video is propaganda, not data. Or at least read sources from all camps, not just those infamous for their anti Israel slants. Conservatives like the UK’s Lt. Pete Lerner, liberals like the US’s Alan Dershowitz. Are they liars? Are they stupid? Meanwhile, the info reported in the Guardian was reported almost verbatim on white supremacist and jihadi sites. Fact. Check Google. That’s all. Your post and its conspiracy theory video are a stain on your integrity. Educate yourself.

      1. I’m not condemning Israel nether am I condoning attacks on places of worship or innocent teenagers . If your Synagogue was attacked , I am so sorry . There is never an excuse for violence against anyone is there ? . . If you want to go down the aggressive obnoxious line I can also SHOUT . I think you need to wind your neck in . Take a breath . If you want to engage in debate and free speech I suggest you educate yourself to that idea . Everyone has a point of view , and there are believe it or not two sides to every story . I’m not American . I have no affiliation with any US politician . Korean incitement ? What are you talking about ? You have too many threads going on here , stick to the subject matter .

        Did I say Lerner and Dershowitz were liars ? Did I even mention them , you did .I do have my thoughts on both of them but would be reluctant to voice them to you as you seem to not understand it’s okay to have an opinion that differs from yours . Why d’ you think it’s okay to put thoughts into my head ? Why d’you assume you have the right or think it’s your job to change my mind . You made assumptions before I had even replied to you .

        My post and video ? Not my post or my video.
        However you are treading on very dangerous ground . Censorship is a slippery slope to a totalitarian state . People have a right to watch and read anything , even if it is not acceptable to others ideologies. They have this right because it leads to questions which leads hopefully to truths .

        . . I responded in a perfectly reasonable manner . I suggest you control your self and try and engage in a rational way instead of screaming and making ridiculous accusations. Again , you may also want to educate yourself and open your mind to the idea that everyone has the right to an opinion and are able to voice that opinion freely .

  2. On July 11th 2014 the Israeli military destroyed the el -Wafa rehabilitation hospital on the Gaza strip . This action was reported internationally and condemned internationally . If you need any further info about this or any other action of this nature it it freely available on the internet . This info is not just found in the Alt news outlets but also in the MSN including a very good article in the Guardian June 29 2015 (UK ) .
    Hope this helps to clarify and help .

    1. I just wrote a long response and it got deleted. The Guardian and much other msms has skewed reporting when it comes to Israel. The hospital was shelled because it was being used to launch deadly rockets. Israel l’s army is the only one in the world that drops leaflets warning civilians to evacuate, even though it gives the IDF a disadvantage. As long as leftist media reports without context, it cannot be trusted. No country in the world warns the enemy first. And Hamas uses hospitals, schools, ambulances as rocket pads and transport. They don’t get a pass. And they PAY millions to the families of those whom are sent to die. Human shields don’t protect you from your target’s self defense. I was living in Israel in 2014 and had friends serving in the IDF. No one upped and destroyed a hospital out of malice. They launched rockets into Israel from there, were warned in advance what would happen, and sacrificed civiliansnfor headlines.. Hamas always does this – which you can find in median reports, too. Context is everything. The Guardian HATES Israel.

    2. . Your condescension is exceedingly entertaining. I asked you to expand your source base to be able to delineate between fact and propaganda in a more informed context. Your response? Deflection, projection, accusation and mockery. It is somehow about me, uh, yelling at you? Talking about Korea? (Koren was typo for More, context of sentence makes it clear.) Trying to put my ideas into your head? Your hyperbole, paranoia and hysteria are staggering.

      There is a difference between free speech and hate speech. If you don’t know that difference, you have my pity. You try so hard to sound like the smartest person in the room, but the content of your pretentious accusations and defensiveness belie any impressive IQ on your end. YOU made this personal, ignoring facts you can easily confirm. No one is trying to silence you, or censor you. But people who post hate speech and inciteful conspiracy theories ought to have the cajones to own it instead of engaging in personal attacks when called on it. If you did not post the video and article, my sincere apologies.

      I should “control” myself? I am “screaming” and made ridiculous accusations? Wow, you’re predictable. I don’t “scream,” and I’ve accused who of what? You adopted the narcissist’s classic project, accuse & blame dance because you don’t like what I have to say. You’re a trip. And a hypocrite. Free speech does not cover propagandist incitement

      .In any case, I’m done trying with you. You are firmly set on being condescending, biased, attacking and resistant to provable facts. That you ignored my content to instead mock me personally doesn’t make you look intelligent, just ignorant. Take your narcissistic hysteria queen assault routine to someone who cares.

      JD, apologies for engaging in this on your blog. I’d think BOTH sides of a story and provable facts, would be welcome. My mistake. The video is fake news to the nth degree. A private Israeli company is in trouble for trying to sway election votes. The government of Israel is not involved and is taking action against the company. Hardly the first company to f**k with us (Google, Twitter, Fusion GPS, Facebook…). But let’s ignore that and blame the Jews. If it was an Israeli Arab owned company, no one would be saying a word.

      No screaming. No emotion. No accusations. No whatever else it is your commenter threw at me. Just facts. I’m out.

      1. The article and video was not posted by me . Apologies accepted . I was responding ( or trying to ) respond to something to illicit a debate or conversation . As I explained I too am Jewish . I am looking for a measured and objective opinion and was interested in any information posted by commenters regardless of their stance . . I explained I couldn’t post links because of a glitch with my computer .

        Before I was able to respond to your reply you made the assumption I had posted the video and I was misguided’ . You jumped the gun and were the first to fire off insults .
        I eventually responded in kind and if you look at the thread you can see you were the first to become defensive and frankly obnoxious . As I said everyone has the right to an opinion regardless of whether it conforms to the world view adopted by the “other ” if this is not allowed we have a situation exactly like the Israeli Palestinian conflict , and truthfully , it’s a tragedy that affects and is affecting the entire world ..
        I think there is emotion in your argument , it’s an emotive subject you have every right to be angry . However , you seem to have crossed the line between emotion and being irrational , firstly you made an immediate assumption I posted the video and that I agreed with the content . The video was there to allow people to debate , to offer differing opinions , to find a middle ground and hopefully some truths , sadly you shut that possibility down .
        We could have had a constructive conversation , you will never know my opinion on either the video or the Palestinian Israeli situation because you made an assumption I was anti Semitic, anti Jew . You couldn’t be further from the truth .

        Now you have resorted to using buzz words like narcissist to further shut me down , there is always more than one side to a situation , wanting to understand this does not make me or anyone else a “trip “, hypocrite ” or someone who indulges in and condones propagandist incitement ., but how would you know, as I was not allowed to have an opinion ?

        Moderate websites like this exist to place information on a public platform to encourage debate opinion and ideas . My thoughts were not expressed fully as you took it upon yourself to preempt those ideas , thoughts and opinions . I think you also need to revise your understanding of the word “fact ” . Now I’m out . Thanks for the apology and the debate .

  3. FYI, If America Knew is well known as a ranidly anti-Israel blog that masquerades as a fair and balanced news provider.

    Phrases like your “the Israeli government propaganda machine” make me believe your alleged Jewish and Israeli “friends” are ardent, deranged self-hating leftists. And YOU are helping spread antisemitic conspiracy theories that incite physical violence against Jews.


    1. We need to investigate this and find out what is really going on and out them. As you see what I wrote, man, I know these people. something is not right

  4. What hospital did the Israelis blow up? What is the primary source for this information? Thanks.

      1. JD, I’m done with this thread. There are one or more anons who spread antisemitic bias, conspiracy theories and hate (saying “I have Jewish friends” as a lead in is very cliche and telling). I would ask you to research unbiased sources if you want to know about this event. The Guardian is like the BBC when it comes to Israel. They quote one sided sources, as you can plainly read. The IDF is far from perfect but read Lt Peter Lerner or Alan Dershowitz or many other upstanding US and UK patriots, and it is clear to see the truth. I’m. It arguing with this misguided anon any further. She doesn’t want to change her view.

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