We are raising fund for Vintagescorpio

Veoniss Petropaypal.me/veonisshouston817


This is Vin PayPal account, she was taking care of her sister full-time.  I hope that you will donate a little something for her.

I spoke to Vin’s sister two years ago and she was full of joy and happiness, she was stuck with a bad heart. The doctors installed a pacemaker that was placed incorrectly. It was infected and they needed to go in and do the operation a second time.

There was so much hope with this pacemaker that we all thought they would make it to Florida.  For some reason, the pacemaker didn’t work and she died in her sleep.  The last words to Vin were pizza for dinner tonight?  She is with God now and that we should be joyful.

Thank you for your warm thoughts of sympathy