She was not okay

I don’t know what happened to Pelosi, but she was not okay. Yeah, some say the video of her speaking
incoherently was doctored. I get it. But if you watch the video, you can clearly see she is holding up two fingers while talking about “three things”. Something went wrong with her.


I’m so sorry about your anon, and somehow it ended in the trash, I will investigate this! The user deleted your original video so I give you this one.

I watch this one live and my first thoughts she has some kind of neurological disorder, but maybe she is lying.  Nutty Nan and her load of bullshit, poor loser, it didn’t work. Remember, Mr. P is a businessman, not a politician. He is also a New Yorker, and they call it as they see it.  The country asked for a businessman, and we got one,  a damn good one!

Thank you! Anon keep them coming!


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