oh JD

it’s all over about Frogmore Cottage is not being occupied. If FC not occupied then no visits by all these fake friends of hers. LOL JM and her IG post of pic of her in Windsor – LOL – suggesting she went to FC and NO ONE LIVES THERE. JM is another fake. Same with Serena she posts pics that look like she is at Windsor castle but they are from a French hotel. So BS to all MM’s pr. If there are no friend visits no living at FC what else is looks like but not really pr fantasies are there? For sure she was not pregnant what about the oddly named Archie? Is he a fantasy too? MM still trying to keep it alive by pumping out pr but bet it is just desperation.


Oh for the love of God!Β  Don’t they know when to quit? The press show the Frogmore Cottage boarded up but I don’t see any posting from JM or Serena that shows FC, where are the links? You are allowed to bring them here.

Thank you anon🌸😎


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