DM ~ World’s Smallest Surviving Premature Baby ~ Would you kill me? Think about this!

This is my argument against abortion, you may have reproductive rights but be intelligent about caring for yourself.  This is breathing, a living soul, could you kill this baby?  There are so many people that would love and care for your child. Think first.


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  1. Hi JD . Thanks for that , we are obviously on the same page . It’s something that frustrates and angers me at the same time .
    One of the problems is as I see it is we don’t educate our children enough about the consequences of their actions (I’m talking sex ) ! Sex = babies , it’s basic biology . I know this sounds like moralizing , but isn’t it about time some one said something ?
    At the other end of the spectrum we are now getting into a situation whereby anyone not productive in other words not paying taxes is seen as a burden and drain on society .

    Bringing in at term abortion could be one of those situations created to bring about a solution to something else. Problem reaction solution , in this case what to do with anyone not fit for purpose .

    I’d like to know how all the big Pharmas and other research facilities would survive without millions of so called “products of conception ” they use every year for research .
    In other words “termination” is big business

    1. I like you! I got goosebumps reading your replies, feel free to send links in Anon and we shall send them out to the world. People need to know the truth.

      1. Hi JD . Thank You , I like you too , you have a very strong sense of injustice and are totally unafraid to speak out . It’s such a rare quality , I really like the way your site is going . I’d love to send you links , there’s a lot out there that interests and infuriates me 😁

        Yes , I’ve been reading about the generics market , it’s huge currently ,dominated by India China wants to be the primary supplier of all generics worldwide.and to be the world leader in bio tech . Theyll eventually cut out India by not supplying them with the raw ingredients they need . Considering America sees China as dangerous relying on them for prescription drugs is crazy . . Generics can be adulterated with anything and are simply not as good as the brand’s. , America cant rely on (currently cheap drugs ) ,they wont always be cheap China can do what it likes , Expect huge price hikes in the future .

        . Saying all this we are getting to the same situation here in the UK its always to do with expediency .and of course money . No one cares about the consumer .

    2. Big Pharma, did you see the report that China will tamper with our generic drugs? We need a billionaire to make them in our respective countries that can be trusted. I refuse to allow a country to hold a gun to our heads. Even if we have to make our own IPO to do it, lol

      1. Re: drugs made in China, in 2007 I had my eyes opened on this. My daughter was out in Michigan in college, and had a minor head cold, the health services at her school prescribed a strong purportedly time released decongestant expectorant medication called Entex PSE, lots of colleges around the country were being paid by the drug manufacturer (a company from India that manufactured it in China) to prescribe it because they were using students as unwitting test subjects. Apparently our FDA will assign a number to an untested drug and allow it to be dispensed. It had caused a large number of healthy young people to have hemorrhagic strokes, and while the FDA decided to ban it, (May of 2007) they would allow it to be dispensed until November of that year. My daughter was in the ER 3 days after being prescribed it. I was livid when I learned all of this.


    Agree JD . As much as I believe women have the absolute right to make the decision to terminate a pregnancy , I also believe in the absolute rights of the unborn foetus /baby . It’s a terrible moral and ethical dilemma .
    The cut off for termination here in the UK is 24 weeks , due to advances in medicine babies are being born and surviving much earlier than this cut off point .

    Recently a very vociferous lobby almost managed to bring in a bill to allow termination for at term babies . Which means any where from 37 to 42 weeks gestation . The reasons for this late term termination can be open , meaning any reason including for gender . The bill was defeated , but will be re presented at some time in the near future . Interestingly only 3% of women polled would opt for such a late termination . So exactly who is this bill for ?
    The actual process for these late terminations is utterly brutal and for the woman involved incredibly traumatic . Many women are unaware of what the process of a termination actually involves .
    Maybe more education for a more informed choice ?

    I do believe we must also look at this in the broader sense and question why we seem (again ) to be losing our understanding of the sacredness of life. We may also want to question whether the introduction of late terminations will allow other bills of a similar nature to be introduced for those at the other end of the spectrum , the elderly , the ill and those deemed “not of use ” . We must constantly be checking ourselves and questioning our motives for what we allow to “just happen “

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