Is Meghan Markle a Fraud? Fake feminist!


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  1. I think she’s latched onto this “feminist” label because it’s been convenient for her. If she really believed in “feminism” she would’ve taken on different roles as an actress and she certainly would not have married into the RF!

    1. It’s selling, the race card even more, but if you notice the narrative in the US is the same. They want to emasculate men, race bait, so we all hate one another, offer infanticide and try to make it okay. Note I posted the premie baby that lives, breathes, who would dare to kill a baby? MM has already made her stance known in Ireland on abortion. Take the pill, keep morning-after pills, use condoms.

    2. Now that the world has caught on to the “White flight of actresses” who have tread the path to African nations to hold up a native “Son” for the photo op espousing their desire to “save them”, we can rest easy that their path should no longer be littered with so many of them. MM had her paid for vacation to Rwanda to “check it out”, we now know we can rest easy. If you look at the photos of her with that poor child and view the broad range of space around them , you can see approximately 5-7 photographers circling outside of them and later in for the “shot” that would later be come part of her profile. She then gets on a plane after all the photo ops, and heads home, and up the :”shot ” goes, on to the Tig and she is immortablized for when she meets Mr. Right. She can then show him all she is doing to build her humanitarian base. This is pathetic and now that she no longer has that platform, what will we see next. Oh Yes, education for women…and of course, she did it alone. Any money she picked up beyond tuition which it appears was completely paid by her father, she used to take trips in the summer when she was not in school. Has anyone seen or heard from any employer of hers?. Pictures of her as a lifeguard, nanny? Any fast food restaurant, etc. She never had a paying joy prior to getting her internship (as a senior in College) from her uncle, (she could not stay on longer at the embassy for while her uncle lobbied for her getting the internship, she never passed the foreign service test to stay.) I understand from friends and media that MM only ever lived with family (her Father who had the cash to underwrite her goals and boyfriends and Trevor who she married after it was evident after dating 6 years and living together, she married as nothing was happening). It was not until she got a paid gig in Canada with a regular paycheck that she was sure was going to be 3rd string actress, permanent and secure, did she take on a monthly rent. Prior, money in Canada went to her own bank account and shortly after arriving left her husband and shared monthly/body exchanges with her excessively, overtly pursued chef, Cory V.. Until he made the fatal error of inviting her to the private Prince Harry party she basically crashed his inner circle and apparently made it obvious she was available to sex. Harry, having not had any sex to speak of was drawn off guard. There was no 3rd party , formal, arms length introduction that had any level of etiquette attached to it. Of course, there was that “Is he nice ” comment to the mythical introducer entity. A question any divorced, 3 string actress from nowhereville “Suits” (a Canadian offering that even Harry said he never heard of her before) , over 35 dead end career starlet no longer would certainly ask. God, please deliver us from this dunce named Harry. MM probably could not believe he was so easy to reign in. He was desperate for sex, and she provided it as she always did with an end game in sight. She played him far better than he played her and for that he deserves his fate.

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