Did you hear about typhus in LA skid row?

It’s disgusting, and now police officers are catching this.

The libtards are blaming the lack of affordable housing but won’t claim the drug addicts and the mentally ill for causing the problem.

It’s going to happen to San Francisco. Not one politician is going to fess up that the illegal immigrants have taken that housing from the legal citizens. It’s criminal!


Yes, I did, the people are living in deplorable conditions, and it’s not okay for our first responders or any human to be around.  The left has got to insane to allow people to defecate and urinate all over.  This is a severe situation LA is in, how many Hollywood types are going to down there and help these people? Cher comes to mind instead of bitching about immigrants that have jumped the line worry about the citizens of our country.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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One Comment on “Did you hear about typhus in LA skid row?”

  1. Hummmm…. Nancy, I believe this is your district. and I don’t think this is what they meant by the San Francisco treat! Perhaps the intervention needs to start at home. This is inhumane, immoral, unAmerican, but then again those are terms you use to describe building a boarder wall, not looking after our fellow Americans. You have no right to speak for anyone, let alone the House.

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