Meghan and Harry, I’m sick of them 🤢

God bless you guys for coming out to say that Harry is just as much at fault as Meghan Markle is, I used to like both of them. This long drawn out drama is getting old, and I can’t stand people fighting over these two idiots.

The deluded blogger that thinks everything is fake has been wrong and led us on for over a year. This is going to happen, that is going to happen, and nothing ever does! I’m taking a chance asking a question here, she apparently has spies everywhere. Be careful!

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I agree with you anon. She has many spies but they don’t scare JD and I. We are here stating the truth about these 2 Royal Clowns who in reality are the perfect match.  We all saw exactly what Prince Harry is capable as he chose MM who lied to the world and made her his wife. These other bloggers who I won’t mention any names as I respect JD and this blog are DELUSIONAL as you stated above and don’t want to believe reality, That’s why they come up with these narratives which keep on failing because you, I, JD and many other anons and bloggers have seen the real Harry..

Have a great day anon

love felix😊👍🙏❤️

Hey Felix! You’re getting the band back together!


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  1. I too am so happy I found this site..l I just wish they wold stop the daily doses of Harry and MM… frankly… from a lovable rogue to an unlovable Royal.. I wish they would just leave the UK and buzz of to the USA so she can continue he B grade starlet ways and start earning their living…. she is so enamoured of herself and has him by the short and curlies.. poo rlittle fool…

  2. So happy I found your site. I never liked MM, but sort of respected Harry, but these two are crazy. Who the hell does she think she is? I am through with the. I refuse to read any mainstream media accounts covering them any more! What a waste of time and human being.

    1. Hey welcome, Fiona! I get sick of them it’s the same old crap show, but I will post the screws up. There will be many in the British media. People Magazine is kneepad sugar mags. Paid for PR. On the front page is the Royal family channel with all the recent events, when one stops another one starts. You are welcome to share those.

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