Nope, that is not true.

“Wait that peanut butter Jelly blogger is stating now that she works for the queen?” – If the peanut butter jelly blogger both of you are referring to is Skippy, then no she/he has never said that they work for the Queen.

HI, anon.

That’s what the other anon stated in the ask. Well ok, she has never said that but I found that funny. what peanut butter jelly brain has stated is that she is there for the monarchy but beating down on MM. That’s not a smart move on her behalf.

So what’s the new goss now anon?? What new fantasy theories are they coming up with now?? Let me guess they are still stuck that ARCHIE is a doll..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Have a wonderful day anon and thanks for posting.

love felix😊🙏❤️👍

This just in , she states she is here on behalf of BRF


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  1. Sorry but Archie – the one they presented to the entire universe – is a doll. Meghan Markle was not pregnant. There was a baby that was not from a surrogate and does not have DNA from either PH or MM.

    I get you do not like Skippy but do you have to berate her? Can’t you just let it go accepting that you cannot possibly like every single person in the entire world?

    1. Felix is making fun of peanut butter stance as the royal family doesn’t want her, but Harry does. MM got his ball in a jar. Meghan will be at the Trooping of the colors with bells on and a new designer dress and hat. Nobody is saying that she was pregnant, I doubt the press believe that too. The Queen has accepted the little doll and who is going to call HM the Queen a liar?

      Peanut butter is on my site every day to see what I’m up too. Meghan is not being arrested for treason. The Royals have accepted and protected her bullshit lies, and I should say they because Harry deserves blame as well.

      The more we push Harry, the more he clings to MM, so what has happened? Heather Wong is being reassigned, and MM hired a new PA that is used to celeb culture. This is how things will fly until the nonsense is stopped. Harry will protect MM because Meghan will pull the Diana card every time.

      The shit will fly in due time and not before.

      Please note that peanut butter is not there on behalf of the Royals; she is there for herself.

      Mary, I do appreciate your honesty, but the more we push, the more he will protect MM. The best bet is they both go to Africa this summer directly after polo season.

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