trooping and archie

well, the norm would be that no infants are on the balcony. George and char and even will and harry as children did not show up till they were older. If anyone shows up this year it would be Louis who is now 1 yr old not a few weeks old infants. But all the rules get broken for Meghan and Harry so who knows. The RF really is a mess and clearly, do not know what to do about this grifter they let marry in.

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Exactly right anon. All the rules have been broken since MM has come along so expect to see Archie and cousin Louis on the balcony. We will shortly find out.

The RF let Harry do his own thing and this is the result. Harry chose MM and the Queen approved for a wedding to be held which we all saw on TV. Now we have a child and probably another announcement for a second child in the coming months.

EXPECT the UNEXPECTED when it comes to Harry and MM.

Have a great day anonπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ™β€οΈ

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