Do you believe it, JD?

—–Nunes retweeted a side-by-side comparison of the Dowd transcript text and the Mueller report text, suggesting that the Mueller report did not disclose the full Dowd message. The Mueller had redacted the part of the voicemail where Dowd said he wanted the heads up “not only for the president but for the country” and that he wasn’t asking for “any confidential information.” —–

Wow! Make everything public! Release all the transcripts for people to see. We want to know the truth. Mueller needs to testify. There are so many questions to him.

This is getting good! Now I was up last night watching Fox, Hannity, Ingram, and Carlson. AG Barr said in an exclusive interview that things weren’t jiving. No kidding, it’s a meltdown in Washington, and we must keep up it’s happening fast!

The Hannity special will leave you with goosebumps! This Shit show started as early as 2012; the Obama administration got better when Trump came along.

It was said that Micheal Flynn was a thorn in Obama side, they ruined this man that served his country.

Here is the most significant part, Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Biden have got some explaining to do! The Law is you are not allowed to spy on American citizens, so the Clinton campaign went to our allies for help to do it for her!  They went to the UK, Integrity Initiative to help them with their dirty plan to bring down a sitting President of the United States. The Steele dossier was their insurance policy, this blowing up in their faces as it should. They are fighting to this day to make sure he never wins this election.

I implore all American citizen to fight back against these monsters who want to bring down democracy as we know it.



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