Mueller passed the bucket.

It’s clear that Mueller passed the bucket. The Trump-is-a Russian-spy narrative fell apart. He stated it clearly that there was no collusion. He has no intention to testify even if many Reps want him to. He knows if he does testify, there is no way for him to avoid tough questions on the opening of the investigation.

The reason Durham got appointed is delivering all those answers. Mueller left Dems on their own to decide if they want to pursue the obstruction case, they can go ahead and try and do it. However, Pelosi knows if there is no underlining crime, the obstruction case is pure politics. So, it is what it is.

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This is a big dumpster fire of epic proportions! Nancy knows that it would mean certain death for anyone up for re-election on the Dems side.Β  You have to realize they hope this Mexican tariff deal blows up in Trump’s face, but they all know it’s not going to happen.

I should post the AG Barr interview if I can.

This is the mainstream media side who wouldn’t be happy even if AG Barr carved up President Trump for Thanksgiving.

One thing I taught my kids was to look at both sides of the argument to become better citizens, and upon doing that, I too learn to stop thinking one-sided, and it pulled me to the center. I suggest to everyone to do and teach your children the same.

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Don’t forget that Felix is on during the wee hours in this half of the hemisphere.



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  1. Barr gave Mueller had a chance to review his summary of the report prior to releasing it and Mueller declined. Barr is a professional and Mueller is despicable.

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