Tariffs are a good negotiating tactic ~ Stop being scared! In GOD we Trust

1) the US consumer pays for this is more expensive products
2) we have a vested interest in improving life for people in Mexico so they will not seek to migrate to the US. These tariffs actually make it more likely Mexicans will seek to migrate because their economy will collapse. In short it is dam stupid as it will increase migration because it hurts jobs in Mexico.
3) US companies located in Mexico are now hurt.

Dumb move economically and in terms of reducing migration. A prosperous Mexico is full of people who want to stay there not come to the US. A poor Mexico hurt by these tariffs increases people wanting to come to the US.

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This is working they are taking the president serious for once!Β  The US has been treaded on like an overused welcome mat!Β  President Trump is using business tactics and look how fast they came to Washington, within 24 hours.

I suspect as well as the president that issues will be ironed out before he is back from Europe.Β  Please have confidence in the President, and I doubt that any tariffs will be in place.

We the people, begged for a businessperson to run our country and he is negotiating with our southern neighbor to stop us from losing billions of dollars caring for these people.

Look at the European migration experiment, they came illegally, and George Soros funded the groups!Β  I suspect the same here, and those people can’t afford buses lined up to take them to the border of the US, Hell NO! This is being well funded as I have shown in the video and that’s one of many that you should be scared of.Β  There might be more than one person or groups that want the United States to fail like Europe. It could even be the Democrats themselves.

It’s easier to stop them on the southern Mexican border, send troops and also send a convoy of diplomats to Guatemala and shut this down! Where in the hell is the UN on all of this?Β  Time to change asylum laws. It wasn’t meant for an entire country to come!Β  Just like Europe meant for Syria refugees not the continent of Africa.

US companies belong in the US!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎 Good debate!


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