This is becoming obscene. UPDATE: From JD 🌸😎

Harry and Meghan looking to recruit new staff from the Foreign Office via

From JD: Tell me again that MM is being arrested and I’m going to laugh in your faces.

Important: The Mail on Sunday understands that Heather Wong, a former US government official who does the same job for Prince Harry, is moving to a new role.

I see that this article written by Charlotte Wace is provoking emotion as it did for Googie who posted this article to make awareness.  What you need to look at is palace sources, who could that be?  cough*Meg*cough, has she pushed Heather Wong and ex Paddy Haverson employee to far? Congrats MM, you have cleared the board of all of Harry’s friends and associates!

Ms. Wace goes on to report: Meanwhile, a replacement has been found for Meghan’s personal assistant, Melissa Touabti, who quit in November after just six months in the job. The new PA is understood to have previously worked with an A-list celebrity.

Of course, she has!  Hollywood Harry and Media Meg chose celebs status over Royal responsibility, great job! Another faux pas for the dynamic duo!

Are you mad? You should be, there was no need to leak this.  Our site has decided to give limited cover to this dreadful couple.  This is what MM wants to provoke fights, to get all sides blasting her, it’s going to work because the peanut butter girl is going to be furious.

Friends, there are larpers feeding lies to keep this shit show going and everybody is falling right into the shit pot. Don’t believe it!  Meghan is here to stay until she decides she wants to leave.

I want to remind people that the articles are not always MM PR; they are click-bait or designed to sell papers and magazines.


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  1. I have to ask this question ; why do certain blogs / websites make the claims that MM is to be arrested and incarcerated in the Tower for treason ?
    Seriously it’s bordering on insanity , sorry to be so blunt .

    Treason is for acts of terror .ism in 21st Century Britain and the Tower is a museum run by a charitable trust . The last person to be held in the Tower was one of the Kray twins for dodging his National Service .

    The truth is that MM is now a member of the “Firm ” and as such any of her misdeeds will be dealt with in house out of the public eye . Harry is just being himself , this the real Harry . The RF can’t afford anymore scandals , the idea of another Diana “situation ” will be terrifying for them . The excessive spending , they don’t care , the QM spent a fortune , how many times has Air Miles Andy and others members of the RF exceeded their budget with no redress ? The tax payer funds all this and ultimately it’s up to us to speak up , we don’t , we are too complacent . Therefore , the status quo will be maintained

    After Diana’s death the Queen had to face up to the fact that for the first time in her reign the British public were openly hostile to both herself and the idea of the continuation of a Monarchy . The Royal Family now realise they are there only by the will of the people , it has been a wake up call for them . The PR team has done well since then slowly rebuilding their popularity . Weddings and babies for example are always good PR , who doesn’t love a wedding ?

    Regardless of whether the pregnancy ,(or surrogacy ) and consequent birth of Archie (a real baby ) was unusual or didn’t follow protocol the RF will stand by Harry and his wife . They have no choice .

    Charles is now taking a much more active role and is being groomed as Prince Regent (a title he may unofficially hold ) . My thoughts are that the Harkles will be seen as the new face of a modern 21st Century “woke ” Monarchy . MM is biracial , she represents modern Britain and for the RF it is important they are representitive of the country they serve . William and Kate will quietly become more “regal ” in their demeanour and actions . The Harkles are here to appeal to the so called Millennials , a totally different demographic to the Cambridges and the Cornwalls .

    These three distinct Royal Houses appeal to every social demographic in GB . The elderly , the middle to upper middle classes in the Cornwalls . The middle classes , the new aspirant middle class ., the working class , family oriented career building 30 to 45 year olds in the Cambridges . The Sussexes mop up the rest in the Millenials , teenagers and anyone else not included in the above list .

    Sadly for the RF The Harkles don’t actually appeal to any of their demographic . They’re too old , and are unknown to most so called Millennials who are too concerned about jobs , paying off University fees , and getting a first foot on the housing ladder . The Sussexes are simply irrelevant .

    Teenagers grow up thank goodness , the disgraceful display and speech Harry made to 12,000 young people meant very little . Teenagers are always ready to scream and cry , it’s what teenagers do . The Harkles will have been forgotten the minute those young people left the stadium .

    The British RF has been around for over 1,000 years , it’s imperative is to survive and do that it must adapt and stay relevant .
    No matter how much MM is seen as inappropriate, rude , or unpleasant the fact is until she go’s, if she go’s she’s here to stay . The RF have weathered far worse than MM . It’s what they do ! 😁🍌

  2. I love your response, it’s exactly what’s happening! Thank you! Have you read about the LARPers, love action role play, that is what’s happening. They are feeding blogs misinformation to start online wars to get people to talk about the couple.

    Notice the dueling narratives? Certain bloggers refuse to yield to this misinformation, people are swarming to this negativity like moths to a flame, I to was inticed to this on tumblr, until I realized why would anyone spend that amount of money and want her gone. MM is many things not so nice. but why keep covering for her if they didn’t want her there?

    What I can’t stand is Harkle fans attacking reporters that we rely on for news of the Royals on a daily basis. It’s got me in hot water and attacked for sticking up for them on Twitter.

    Our thought was maybe it’s blackmail, there are ties to Hollywood narrative, #metoo, creative artists agency, oprah, Gayle King, Sunshine Sachs,I had made a post up about the connections through a deadline article and followed the people and links. Some were invited to the wedding via text message. I was told that MM does have a recording of some type she’s had since October 2016 from a close source. MM apparently shopped it around via Kruger and Cowne in March 2017, she was asking 35 million. Cost of the wedding?

    I have a bunch of Don’t Post in Private, that would knock your socks off. I can’t bring myself to release it yet. It’s not time.

    What I can’t figure is who is paying for this? Troll armies are not cheap.


  3. I’ve been quietly observing all this JD . I’ll be honest I’m not a RF supporter , I find their “connections ” very concerning . PC and his involvement with Jimmy Savile and Bishop Peter Ball both rampant predatory paedophiles . Savile was allegedly a necrophiliac. Recently an enquiry into Pc’ s involvement with Ball must have been uncomfortable for him . It was fairly damning .

    I do think the whole MM show is of some considerable significance, I don’t know what or why but it’s there .The blackmail theory isn’t something that should be dismissed . All the RF have shall we say interesting and unusual connections and pasts . Plenty of scope there for unscrupulous parties to use this against them .
    All the people you mentioned are connected via their PR companies , and are also loosely termed “globalists ”
    These people all move in the same circles , if you go deeper some of these connections are disturbing .

    I feel the old adage any publicity is good publicity has been used to great advantage by PH ,MM and the rest of the RF . It’s raised the Sussex brand (it is definitely a brand ) . profile enormously.
    Compared to the Sussexes the Cambridge family are now virtually saints and PC and Camilla are certainly benefiting too .
    It’s all very jolly and probably cynically orchestrated by all the parties involved .

    Stirring the pot and pitting people against each other is a classic way to keep the narrative going .
    One blog in particular comes to mind , the “stories there are wild and have no credibility , it’s actually cringing to read . I don’t. 🤣 The wedding : it was off , bizarre, hurried, weird . Probably the worst Royal wedding ever .

    . Now who would have virtually unlimited funds , would profit from the publicity,( the diversion) regardless of what kind whilst at the same time keeping things “tidy ” and “in house ” and controlled ? I think its staring us in the face 😎😎😎

  4. Touche Kitty, I agree with you, but the saying is that timing is everything! I’ll wait it out until the right time comes. The Royals may have been against her until it worked to their advantage. Here is the alleged truth MM blackmailed the Royals instead of payment to give her the wedding with the PR she wanted to make a brand like you said she got one now. Meghan also need a kid to merch for the rest of her life, all part of the plan, I feel sorry for the child. She will leave; eventually, the magic number is two years. We all know MM never keeps her promise. This time it’s claimed they will hold her to it, I don’t see any of it happening.

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