I am triumphant but I want to know the truth

To that anon. For two and a half years CNN, MSNBC, NYT, Washington Post, and Democrats told us that Trump was a Russian spy. He worked for the Russian gov. Now it turned out that reportedly the Mueller team knew it in 2017 or earlier that Trump never colluded with any foreign government.

Then why did Mueller not inform the public about this as soon as he knew all those accusations were false? AG Barr said, “It’s not jiving”

“Why did Obama’s officials Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Baker, and others were lying?  Trump wanted to drain the swamp? 

Are we allowed to know the whole story? yes, we will with the expectation of matters of national security 

Why is NYT cowardly trying to stay away from CNN and MSNBC? LOL, to be able to ask the president  questions without being called fake news on the national stage😝😝

What is NYT afraid of?  losing what bit of crediblility they have left when they report that the former president and congresswoman get tossed on the political bonfire that’s bigger than Watergate!  These people broke the law and spied on Americans via the UK

Personally, I don’t think NYT is better than CNN and MSNBC. They all spread false stories for almost 3 years. Yes, many prosecutors have said that Trump was engaged in the obstruction. Also, many prosecutors have stated that the obstruction case is pure political when there’s no underlying crime.

Dems want to impeach Trump? Go ahead but don’t expect people, like me, to support it. Before I support impeachment hearings, I want to know why we have been lied for so long?

Why were Brennan and Clapper hired as “experts” by MSNBC? By CNN went that low by putting on their shows such a creep as Avenatti?

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Thank you anon! I used the NYT to show the second news outlet to turn away from the feeding frenzy of hate against the real estate tycoon turned President. The Dems narrative has fallen apart but if you say it enough does it make it true, NO it doesn’t but people are so hopped on the Hate that was spread that they can’t let it go! The Democrats refuse to believe which I pray for a speedy investigation into who and why this was started with some indictments this time.

I tried to answer some of those questions but I would be interested in a rebuttal.

We know the who. We need the official ruling to this no matter how painful it is and I will post that truth.  Let’s keep the pressure tight and ongoing.

Again, thank you and previous Anon, rebuttal? 🌸😎


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