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1,000 federal prosecutors who served under both republican and democratic administrations have analyzed the Mueller report and said it is clear Trump engaged in obstruction of Justice.

there is no need to be triumphant about Trump he is as bad as any of them. Corruption runs deep. None of these clowns have the well being of the working and middle class in their minds.


Thanks for your opinion, but he didn’t obstruct and allowed everyone to testify.Β  Yes, corruption runs deep with Hillary R Clinton and Obama figuring a way to spy on American citizens via the UK. The Steele Dossier aka the insurance policy is fiction.Β  If that’s fake then everything else is, many legal experts have weighed in on this and there isn’t enough evidence legally to charge Trump but there is evidence to charge others in the democrat party.

Like AG Barr said the Mueller report “isn’t jiving” Let’s wait to run the president over after the investigation is over with misconduct into the witch hunt of the century!

I don’t trust any Main Stream Media, it’s said that many reporters were being paid off.Β  Washington Post claimed Fox News are the ones that got it right! NYT is telling it’s reporters not to go on to CNN and MSNBC.

Personally, the first time we got back money from a tax return, fuel is affordable and I can go to the grocery store (Publix) instead of Save a lot which their meat comes from Mexico, our friends are owner-operators truckers.

Wait until I post about the President Trumps prescription drug plan, it’s impressive.

Thank you anon! 🌸😎


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