Whale Vertebrae with giant Megalodon Tooth ~ Its fake, but still really badass


That had to be the size of a double-decker bus! The Meg left us a clue at the scene of the crime and most likely he swam away with a belly full of the whale! ๐Ÿ˜

Fact #10. The Megalodon Had About 276 Teeth In 5 Rows

Like modern sharks, the Megalodon discarded itโ€™s teeth frequently as they became worn. It likely have 5 rows of teeth, which acted like a conveyer belt, so that lost teeth could be replaced rapidly, likely within 24-48 hours. While tooth loss rates are poorly understood even in modern-day sharks, itโ€™s likely that a Megalodon went through thousands of teeth during itโ€™s lifetime. The vast majority of fossil Megalodon teeth that are collected show significant feeding wear to the tip, someones with the tips completely sheered off due to hitting bone or other teeth during feeding.

I have a smaller size that was found in North Carolina but here in Florida is good fossil hunting along the peace river. Caution, alligator territory.ย 



Fossil hunting is fun for the entire family to do along the Carolina coast and Florida rivers.ย  Teeth can be found on eBay or other private fossil hunter sites like the one I posted… Ah here is the original post!

Is it real? because it looks huge!ย  It’s bullshit!ย  fabrication but still cool to image such a beast attacking a pre-historic whale


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