rumormongering~ Ignore it!

Agree the article is the DM click baiting but MM’s scummy minions and Lainey were spreading the cheating rumors again. On DM comments for all the state visit articles and Lainey (who gets paid for article placement) was hitting on Kate. Ain’t working actually backfires cause we know it comes from MM.

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Haters are going to Hate!Β  We can’t stand MM, and her stans can’t stand Kate. What people need to realize is Harry and William are competitive. All they are doing is helping Kate become even more endearing to the people, so bring it! We know this is a bald-faced lie brought on by the jealous jackholes and a click baiters.

Laniey is doing the same thing I’m doing we are posting our favorite Duchess.

It’s a mirror, mirror on the wall deal, ignore the hype, and don’t go there.

Thank you anon, for the ask! 🌸😎



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