Express~ Meghan is taking her family to the US~ Enty is right!

I read the article, and there is one thing that they have wrong, The Sussex’s didn’t have an apartment at KP, they were in Nott Cott.

We did post-Enty, the Entertainment lawyers blind item saying that a representative from the palace was looking for something in the 10 million dollar range in LA.  That’s pretty pricey, and I know that the US is not going to pay for security for them.  Enty posted before the arrival of the sweet little doll appearance.

This article is claiming to be the fault of the mean old brother and sister inlaw William and Kate. Which I think they were relieved when the Sussex’s had their spot at Buckingham Palace and website on IG.  The Cambridge followers were unjustly blocked, and I do blame that on the vindictive one.

Enty also confirmed that she did already have anonymous pages going to attack the critics!  I felt that string of lies she had going. Plus she had me doxed, that didn’t turn out too well did it, Meg? Over 10 thousand people commented telling the mail they wrong.

Claiming racism when things don’t go her way; this was never about race, it was her shitty attitude and Spenderella ways!  If there is someone to blame it rest firmly on her shoulders as the royal family rolled at the royal carpet for Ms. Thang, what did she do?  Meghan scammed away with merching and double dipping.  Somehow, in my opinion, she believes everyone owes her a living. No, we don’t, sweetheart, I told you this was a job! What you did was corrupt as a public servant to a newly adopted country.

If you must go to California to live as I predicted you would do,  to get an excellent divorce deal, then go, I told them so.



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