Less and less people want to watch Fake News CNN~ Watch Fox!

CNN’s ratings drop again after three-year low last month

CNN’s ratings dropped again in April after the network experienced its worst month in three years.

Prime-time viewership at CNN was 761,000 with 553,000 viewers during the daytime, according to Nielsen Media Research.

CNN’s ratings drop resulted in the lowest number of demographic viewers since August 2015. CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime” with host Chris Cuomo saw its worst demographic viewership numbers since its debut in June 2018.

In April, CNN had its worst ratings since October 2015, experiencing a 26% fall in viewership from the same month a year ago.

That’s what happens when you continue to lie to people like me, you get your ass roasted!  More voters are going to the middle with Dumpster fires like CNN and MSNBC.

Is there no adult in charge over at this stations to tell them, look, kids, you blew it! The shit show is coming to an end this is the time for grifters to get out of dodge quick before pitchforks and torches show up on our doorstep.

Here is a note of advice stop taking copy from Public relations firms the narratives are as fake as their clients who pay that pile of poo.

Although I used to love CNN back in the day with Bernard Shaw, Bill Hemmer, and Lou Dodds, Benard is with God and Hemmer and Dobbs are at Fox.  Plus there is Sheppard Smith, Martha Maccallum, Dana Perrino a former White House press secretary.  Laura Ingraham with the Angle who is great and I do DVR her show.  Many are lawyers, they are real experts. Oh, shout out to Gutfeld (funny guy), Jesse Watters (Philly boy).  Tucker Carlson who I watch all the time.  Neil Cavuto with his calm demeanor packed full of information.  They have Chris Wallace who is the journal god.



CNN is a dumpster fire now!  Who do they have Don Lemon that twit, spewing that race-baiting negative crap to scare Americans?  It’s fiction and Tumblr writers can do it better!  Oh, wait, Anderson Cooper who I once liked, since I love the above people there is no need to watch CNN.  Somewhere on the blog, I talk about how my TV homepage was stuck on CNN and I thought I’d scream!  Thankfully, it’s now on Fox and my doggo has to watch it in bed while I listen and do this all day.

I no longer do morning shows since 911, no thank you.

Thank you anon for the ask, 🌸😎Keep em Coming!


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