MM still looks the same without the hideous cape

actually, if you look at her on the balcony when she shed the bulky shapeless coat she was merching she looks pretty much the same. The severe hairstyle perhaps contributes to the impression her face is bloated. But her arms are still thin. And in the sheath dress on the balcony, she looks the same. I think she has left over clothes to merch from the pregnancy period which she did not get to show because her events were canceled. That coat she wore today was baggy and shapeless for a pregnant woman. Once she took it off she has on a very inexpensive dress ($50 supposedly on the MM site).

But compare this to her efforts last summer at both TTC and the garden party. She isn’t getting the clothes anymore.

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Meghan needs serious help with Hats, the tight bun is not her style.  I know of no cancellations, they said that will be all she is on maternity leave.  Doesn’t matter anyway she did plenty during her downtime. She needs to stay away from these dark colors and give in once in a while.  She will be here for a while as I’ve stated before.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎



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