I thought she’d be there they can’t afford yet to make the private public. We disagree JD I think Harry’s distaste for her is apparent. He snapped at her on the balcony, he looked distant from her in the carriage barely spoke with her and the rest of the family ignored her. No more pretense going on. Megsy tried to start a conversation with Jack and even he ignored her. She ended up talking to herself. She looked insecure. What does she expect? Silly narc thinks she can be abusive to staff, make constant demands, insult the RF and Harry, act the way she did on Oceana tour and they will all forget? That is what a narc expects but narcs have a tenuous connection to reality. We see the reality today in the body language the avoidance of her. Camilla cannot fake it so well, Kate avoids even eye contact. Bur Meghan hangs on still pursuing her illusions of a big career after the Harry dump. They will continue to give her the rare necessary appearance but behind the screens, this is over. Disentangling themselves from her is not easy.

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Nothing we can do about it, we can scream foul all day long and a bad day doesn’t mean anything until we hear something officially. We are stuck with speculation and I’ve posted many cheerful pictures to be fair.  I’ve already posted that she got the snub and why would they ever trust her again after the Cambridge leaks which were a setup. Meghan proved her colors that she can’t be trusted.

It’s not easy to get out of this and it takes Harry to say he has had enough.  We can’t do it for him, we need to rally behind the monarchy and forget about MM she will be out for revenge now as you well know.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎