Everything should be made public. Even Don Lemon cannot avoid the reality any more.

“He is incredibly concerned and obsessed this investigation is going to throw him under the bus. And his view, at least from the people close to him, is, ‘Look, I was working on this dossier that people were paying for. I saw things that the Democrats were paying for. I saw things that seemed frightening to me and alarming. I went to old contacts of the FBI to tell them. I wasn’t a paid source in this case.’ That’s his view of it,” Rosenberg reported on Tuesday’s ‘CNN Tonight’ with host Don Lemon.
(Steele will tell the truth. He has no choice. The dossier was always a piece of garbage. FISA warrants were obtained based on garbage. Steele wants nothing to do with Comey and Brennan any more)

I posted the above in case anyone wants to question your link.  Here we go, first, thank you for sending this into me.  The biggest smile on my face right is bringing out the sunshine here in Florida!

As you all might know I’m a big fan of prime time news on Fox and I DVR it to keep up to date with the truth. Watching Tucker last night on DVR had me cracking up laughing over Don Limone, that’s right Tucker calls him that.

Don is the one that’s toxic race-baiter, and why is he including every white person as a racist neo-nazi? I refuse to accept his rhetoric, and I do love POC.  I don’t like Don, anyone can be an asshole, and Don easily fits right into that category.

Also, Tucker points out that Rachel Maddow is okay, MSNBC is a liberal news organization.  They don’t apologize or that but, CNN is supposed to nonbiased, and I get where he is going there.  Maybe they should proclaim the same. Something tells me the bosses at CNN are upset with Limone performance and not accurately fact-checking his resources. I wouldn’t be surprised if Don gets fired soon.

AT& T is being beaten up by the President of the United States of America a duly elected official. People who buy cell phones elected a businessman. This company owes it to the American people to be non-bias in it’s reporting. He is making people hate one another, how unAmerican is that?  That was my turn off against CNN, IMO Don’t you lecture me you 🤬tard! Nobody should talk like that, take your west coast Hollywood bullshit narrative somewhere else!

Thank you again for this,  Music to my ears! 🌸😎



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