Kate and William are fine~ Isn’t anyone Married out there?

I’ve been hearing these nasty rumors that Kate and William are not getting on well, I can confirm that’s bullshit! When you get married and have children, your focus is on children.  What did you want them to do make out?  I’ve been married 21 years and no we don’t hold hands, there are smooches here and there, you trust one another.  That’s the comfort of marriage.

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The lovey-dovey stuff happens in private, and No, there wasn’t an affair with Rose! Good Lord man, please, it was a nasty rumor spread by we suspect MM for this.  No wonder why she got a chilly reception on the balcony.

Here some advice for Meghan Markle, the privacy of the Royal Family is paramount, people who leak the rumors can’t be trusted.  Prince Harry is still with Meghan, and it doesn’t appear to be any break up coming anytime soon.

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The feeding frenzy must stop!  Please realize the Royals are based on rank, and they are stoic and respectful.  Couples must act accordingly.


Meghan Markle is not that important in the scheme of things. She had her time with the whirlwind engagement and wedding. Time to move on and get to work.


The Queen’s children will come first.  It was the Queen’s birthday celebration with her military forces. They act like the military, disciplined!  Something the new duchess refuses to yield too.  Never enter into marriage lightly, you also marry the family, and in this case, the country.

Thank you, JD 🌸😎


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  1. I was widowed after 24 years of marriage, after our daughter was born while we still had romance there wasn’t a lot of hand holding we had so much to do, but we made time for each other, even to the end. The mooning about days of courtship do not exist in marriage, marriage is hard work, commitment if you take your vows seriously which I believe William and Kate do. Like Silliam I am a child of divorce and I was the eldest too. I did not ever want a divorce it marked me and hung over my childhood. I’d tend to think William wouldn’t stop y his marriage as his father did.

    1. Oops, William, I hate typing on my phone’s tiny keyboard as it’s prone to typos

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