Kitty anon submitted: Links about Big Pharma and Medical Mary Jane

Thank you, JD! This is a story that will just go on. Of course, Big Pharma will want to patent and regulate the price of cannabis products. Pharma produces opioids of course, and they bring in huge amounts of money, so this will be very interesting how it all unfolds


In 2016 opioids killed 26, 000 Americans.
I don’t have the stats for here in the UK, but opioid addiction and medical overprescribing is becoming
enough of a concern for the UK government to intervene and issue new guidelines for prescribing all opioids

When Hemp was essential to the American Economy.

Why America Demonized Hemp


God and Cannabis ?



The above article is interesting. Kaneh Bosem is thought to be cannabis as found in the Holy Anointing oil recipe given to Moses by God. This is disputed by some theologians However cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years.


Kitty, I’m so grateful for your links, we must educate people about the excellent uses for marijuana.  Actually, re-educate and stop being ignorant that this is a bad plant! It has many beneficial qualities, not only as a medicine for pain relief and killing cancer cells, but you can make rope, clothes, mops, etc.

Back in the day, your pharmacist would make up cannabis tinctures for people to take for pain.  You can’t OD on it, non-habit forming. The worst thing that can happen you break out with Kimba ya my lord.  I’ve never met a violent pot user, mostly mellow and peaceful.  Side effects, munchies, but when you’re sick from chemo and pain, yes pain will make you vomit! That’s my problem right now.

I’m grateful that boomers are saying chillax on weed and make this great again.  Like the link says Big Pharma want their slice of the pie. I was given a scrip in Jersey for THC pills, and man are they expensive, six years ago they were 500 a bottle, and they must be refrigerated. They claim the process is expensive.

You can do it yourself, I’m no expert and homegrown is just dandy for me. The expense is crazy and wouldn’t know one from another but I will have to decide, Pain management (with its special stigma) or Medical Mary Jane.  The latter is a happier decision as pain management already labels you and when you’re handed your pee cup, it’s the most humiliating thing in the world.

I know it works, a friend gave me puff off her vape pen with something called girl scout cookie, The severe spasms stopped dead, and I was looking like a seizure patient after replacement disc surgery.  For the first time in months, I was able to get a restful sleep.

Touche! to medical mary jane!

Thank you, Kitty! 🌸😎👍🏼💋