How do they afford this treatment?

Barack, 57, his wife Michelle, 55, and their two daughters Sasha, 18, and Malia, 20, will relax at the palatial Le Mas des Poiriers, rented at 55,000 euros for the week, according to a report by Le Parisien

The Obama’s flew private with secret service in tow along with heavily arms French Guards.  It must really pay off after you leave the office.

It truly makes me wonder how much of these so-called foundations these former public servants take in?  We know there is dirty handling in the Clinton Foundation, I’m wondering did it rub off on the Obama’s?

Many publications put Obama’s net worth at around 40 million dollars, and this trip cost $66, 806 for the villa and approximately $140,000 just for the jet. We don’t know how much money they are going to spend there.  They are private citizens now, but we still pay for their security.


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    Interesting viewpoints on this website regarding this subject .!

    Me Mas de Poiriers is owned by Eric Varvel and his wife Shauna .

    Eric is CEO of Credit Suisse investment bank and was a supporter of and possible donator ? fundraiser for Mitt Romneys Presidential campaign .

    As always it’s about networks and connections even when you’re renting a holiday home . 😎😁

  2. Obama is The Manchurian Candidate!!!!!!! He is paid by Muslims. He handed this country over to Muslims. He is more Satan’s right hand than Hillary and that’s not saying much. I’m sorry Megan Markle May be a 14 year old 37 year old chasing a sugar daddy and name but she can’t hurt US US AND USA . THE INE BEWARE OF IS OBSMA AND HIS CREW. MICHELLE IS JUST AS EVIL. Oh the distraction of the world are making so many miss what’s right in from of them EVIL AND TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Trump at least sees. You you in the end days what’s seems bad will seem right and it’s happening. Blinded people. Distracted people. Love you my friend JD. (my initials and nickname) 🤦🏻‍♀️😘

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