Anon submits: All the way to 2020!

Victor Hanson is a very smart man. He used to be on CNN a lot, but they don’t invite him on their shows anymore. They preferred Avenatti.

That is so funny, and I do watch Lara Ingraham every night to stay up to date on the goings-on of the clown show! The only way I can explain our President is he likes to play with his prey before he takes a wrecking ball to it.  George caused a controversy out of nothing! George should know better, and the president has executive privilege.

The Dems don’t think the public is smart enough to comprehend that the President rolled George.   Trump used Norway as an example, and he was honest, maybe there something or perhaps there isn’t.

Let’s connect some dots, LOL.

They would bite for any information, whether its true or not as you hear Adam Schiff was responsive to the pranksters. He was willing to hear, should he be impeached? What a poor loser the hatred of our duly elected President is amazing.

2020 for Trump

Making America Great Again! Trump! 2020

Thank you anon, keep sending them in, 🌸😎😀



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