tumblr anon submits: DM ~ Eight sided home set in the grounds of 12th century abbey

Jane Austen Estate

Just saw this article on the DM – I LOVE this and would buy it if I had the money.

Incredible eight-sided home set in the grounds of the 12th century abbey thought to have inspired Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park goes on sale for £870,000


The house is equipped with modern furnishings in the most traditional of settings which can be enjoyed by the new owner for £870,000

knight frank credit

This tile is ceramic and gorgeous!

I love these old homes they give off the best vibes!  This is so cool!  For England that’s a bargain! The one I want is over 65 million Hackwood House! Take a picture tour of that one!

Keep checking Knight Frank and Christie’s for cool dream houses

www.knightfrank.co.uk www.knightfrank.co.uk

Check out christies real estate from time to time too.

Thank you K, I loved your anon! 🌸😎💋


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