The Stans think Harry and Meghan made a major mistake

Many on Social Media have complained about the picture of Little Archie on Instagram and shown here.  Bloggers have called the image fake and photoshopped, and when I ran it through Forensics, it only showed the Instagram filter, which you find large blocks in the picture.  That’s how Instagram works.

We all know the Sussex insatiable appetite for attention; I agree with Kitty anon; it was done to provoke mystery. It’s one of the rules for PR, and you give a taste and retreat.  Keeps the numbers up so MM and H can build their brand. 🙄

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LONDON COLNEY, ENGLAND – JUNE 17: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex makes a speech as he attends the Chatham House Africa Programme event on “Mine, Clearance, Conservation and Economic Development in Angola” at Chatham House on June 17, 2019 in London Colney, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Like the article I posted, many grammatical errors have been found, we all suspect Meghan is controlling the IG account which she is going to stick with the American form of English.

I received a nasty anon last night accusing me of switching sides and being paid off and get this, what do they have on you? Oh please, get a life Anon!  I occasionally give advice to MM that does not make me a Benedict Arnold.

I started as a Harry blogger because I love the Vets! They surround me, and I appreciate the service they did for our country. I support Walking with Wounded on an ongoing basis here in my community.

You do many things for the sake of a baby, will she take my advice and dump the dummies that think they know better than the palace? Probably not.

If you do read the content of my post, you would know that I take the birth of a baby seriously no matter how idiotic the parents can be. These two have bypassed the press once again leaving them vulnerable to negative articles.

As I’ve said numerous times, Meghan is a difficult client to control when she has dingbats for friend leaking information to the press.  Meghan has shot herself in the foot so many times for not being totally honest; it’s amazing that she has anything left to shoot.

On the one hand, Harry wants the normal life for Archie, but he is married to a fame ho. That’s oil and water, my friends. You can emulsify it, but in the end, it still separates.

Have a great day! 🌸😎💖


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  1. I accept if you have checked the pic of Harry and the baby it must be OK. But I looked at it under a small magnifying glass and to me the baby had an. Odd rough texture to his skin which Harry didn’t. Would that be a filter of some sort? This is a genuine question.

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