The Sun~ Nicknamed the “Degree Wife” & Repeated Instagram cringe errors

I give it two! While we are on the Sun here is more 

Meghan, that control thing is never going to work with the UK


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3 Comments on “The Sun~ Nicknamed the “Degree Wife” & Repeated Instagram cringe errors”

  1. Does anyone know (or can find) the website that repeatedly points out the errors in the SussexRoyal instagram posts? I’ve looked but can’t find anything and I’d love to revel in the cringe.

  2. LOL !!! The” degree wife ” Ouch , that really is a waspish , stinging moniker . I agree , 2 years at the most , so we can down grade her further to the diploma wife !🤐😂😂🍌🍌
    What Meghan doesn’t get is that Brits are not easily impressed , it’s just how we are and unfortunately for MM she doesnt do impressive . Sorry Megan .💔

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