tumblr anon submits: Blind Gossip *from April* PW cheating rumor

Blind Gossip (from April) about the PW cheating rumor

This newlywed recently missed two big family events.

Nobody really questioned it as she has a temporary medical condition that serves as a very reasonable excuse for her to bow out of such obligations.

However… what if that wasn’t the real reason she stayed home?

They found out that she was the one who leaked the rumors about [another family member]. They told her that she was not welcome to attend. That is why she was missing.

Well, that certainly does explain her husband’s sour demeanor and all the oddly-timed chatter about moving and traveling!

Oh, brother. This just keeps getting worse and worse, doesn’t it?


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YEP!! I knew as soon as it hit the press! The Royals will protect you as long as you don’t leak, if you do, you can’t be trusted. Chilly reception on the balcony and if she goes to Ascot I expect more.

I guess Harry has woken to his wife treachery.

Thank you, SwedeM for your ask, 🌸😎💋


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  1. Something big has happened it’s obvious. Harry would never have snapped at Meg like he did on the balcony a few months ago. Plus nobody else was speaking to her nobody was making eye contact at all.

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